25 April 2006

sen julie quinn all style no substance

fake republican watch series
here we go again with another bait and switch republican. louisiana state senator julie quinn is alledgedly a republican. republican's are supposed to stand for less government and more personal freedom. why then we have to wonder did senator quinn introduce her four page monstrosity SB 564, which mandates parents "to attend a minimum number of parent-teacher conferences?"
now we arent saying that you shouldnt attend your childs parent-teacher conference(s) because hey we should but it should be our choice.

what gives the state the right to mandate this?

what gives the state the right to turn our kids teacher and principal into some sort of defacto police force keeping tabs on what we do or dont do?

what gives the teacher or principal the right to send out a letter "...outlining the consequences of failure to schedule or attend parent-teacher conferences and a demand for a response?" additionally this legislation makes the principal ".. sole judge of whether the failure to schedule or attend parent-teacher conferences is acceptable under the circumstances."
la. state senator julie quinn (r) metairie

oh and look which senators voted in support of this draconian legislation.

to senator quinn we say: girlfriend, you might have been a trophy "date" in high school but your actions in the real world trifling with personal freedoms and peoples lives is ugly. you need to go on back to the country club or selling real estate or whatever you did before you became a senator because you are unfit for the office you hold.
24 april sent to house education committee.
"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face--for ever." george orwell from 1984.