13 April 2006

riding the richard lee mcnair escape train

**update 25 october 2007** richard lee mcnair captured

wow what a strange week this has been. what started out as a generic post about the crawl kalb was continuously running on the tv screen last wednesday (the only reason the t.v. was on was because we like to watch law & order wednesdays) has taken on a life of its own. so far we have received richard lee mcnair hits from probably every state in the union, canada, japan, sweden, france, germany, australia and this morning we even recorded a richard lee mcnair hit from moscow, russia!?!

the u.s. justice department has been here as well as the bureau of prisons, customs, the department of homeland security, the state department, the department of veterans affairs, and many state agencies not only from louisiana but north dakota, texas, oklahoma, minnesota and even the charlotte, north carolina police department has visited our blog.

of course we would be lying if we said that we werent pleased at the traffic we are receiving but all in all we would rather it be from fellow netizens arriving looking for chocolateville and new battle of new orleans.

we hope mcnair is captured soon. we bear no ill will towards the ball police department or officer bordelon.
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