02 April 2006

day 3 of dead pelican internet censorship story black out

...rogers credibility shot ...who's watching the watchers...?

as we have blogged before see previous posts below a mere nine days ago dead pelican editor chad rogers
posted a rant about what he calls "internet censorship."

then less than a week later a story about internet censorship breaks not from california not from illinois but from rogers own backyard right here in louisiana. and not a word from rogers.

the only conclusion that can be drawn from all this is that rogers only posted that rant because he was thinking that websites such as his will be regulated in regards to political advertising not err censorship as he was trying to get his readers to believe.

you see rogers is for mike francis for secretary of state. apparantly he doesnt want to be forced to run ads for francis's opposition jay dardenne. now if rogers doesnt want to run ads for candidates he doesnt support thats fine but dont post a huge rant about the dangers of internet censorship and then ignore a glaring case of it. thats being a hypocrite and is no better than the "old boy network" types he claims to be against and using his website to expose.

kudos to chris williams and his sissyman blog for pointing this out back in february 2006 see:

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