11 April 2006

guest columnist chris williams

special guest columnist chris williams....

I received an email the other day from a former viewer of “You Are A Sissy-Man” and this person informed me that Louisiana politics is boring without “You Are A Sissy-Man” and I was asked if I plan on starting another blog. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to maintain a blog but if I get some time in the future I will be back. However, for now We Saw That has agreed to allow me to post articles on their blog from time to time. Before I go on, please remember that my thoughts do not reflect those of We Saw That.

Although I am a man of controversy, I will not stir the pot right away. Honestly, I am having trouble picking a topic. Picking topics is always the toughest part for me because I do not like to give my readers the same topics that everyone else is writing about. Everyone is aware of the illegal immigrant protest all around our country and although many of us care less about a few members of Duke’s Lacrosse team is being accused of rape the media continues to cover it.

There is always the New Orleans Mayor race, but why talk about that? It seems the media has already placed Ray Nagin and Mitch Landrieu in a run-off. Isn’t there 24 candidates in the New Orleans Mayor race? You are telling me Ray and Mitch are the two best candidates? I personally like that Ron Forman. Hey maybe We Saw That will make a major topic out of this “Williams Gives Support To Forman”, lets get this guy in the race.

Another topic I can write about is Session 2006 but there are too many issues to pick from. Hopefully, once people start driving around with orange licenses plates because they got a DWI, Louisiana will finally be a great state. Just think if Internet hunting becomes illegal? If this passes in this year’s session Louisiana’s economy will boom (ha ha). However, as long as our “leaders” can agree to keep cock fighting legal (or illegal) Louisiana will be the ideal state that it has been for years.

I will try to post an article weekly, but visit We Saw That often. Remember, I was not an English major so don’t laugh at my grammer because I am not as stupid as some of my article. Actually, I am a pretty smart guy will limited time to write so forgive me if I don’t come off as a “professional”. Things will heat up in the future and please tell everyone to keep checking We Saw That because Christopher “Chris” Williams might have something to discuss.

note: christopher "chris" williams follows and participates in louisiana politics from his lair at plaquemine (iberville parish) louisiana. you may view his blogger profile by clicking here.