19 April 2006

ogden victims press release for immediate release

yes, more louisiana style corruption...

Middleton Gold Weems Victims, Inc.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CONTACT: Samuel F. Eakin, 225.757.8800 ext. 223

Middleton Gold Weems Victims, Inc. Announces 40+ Claims against Attorney and Gold Law Firm, says regulatory agency “mockery”

ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana – Middleton Gold Weems Victims, Inc. (The Group) announced today that the number of former clients with claims of legal abuse against the Alexandria attorney and his former employer, Gold, Weems, Bruser, Sues, & Rundell Firm (Gold Law Firm), has risen significantly during the last six months.

Company spokesman Sam Eakin stated, “Credible claims against Mr. Middleton as well as claims against the Gold Law Firm by their former clients have continued to increase in recent months, both in numbers and scope. Originally the complaints included allegations of legal abuse for the time period that Mr. Middleton was employed by the Gold Law Firm. However, new complaints have arisen from individuals who have been represented by Mr. Middleton subsequent to his departure from the Gold Law Firm. This represents a new group of individuals who are speaking out about the conduct of Mr. Middleton, and it is anticipated that this group will also seek to obtain justice through the court system. Based on the continuing flow of information, we expect to see a continued growth claims by former clients, at every level.”

At least two new formal complaints against Mr. Middleton and his new partners have been made to the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board (LADB) recently, with more expected. According to Eakin, “Formal, documented complaints submitted directly to the LADB by Mr. Middleton’s own clients over the past three years now exceed twenty. However, not every claimant within the Group has formally filed a complaint with the LADB, largely because the Group was discouraged from submitting additional complaints by the LADB itself. The complaints that were filed allege that Mr. Middleton and his partners charged exorbitant fees to their clients. Group members believe that total applicable fees charged to former clients of Mr. Middleton and the Gold Law Firm are in the millions of dollars. Unfortunately, filing a claim of legal abuse with the LADB against a major law firm in Louisiana is like filing a claim of budget abuse with FEMA; it may make you feel better but it doesn’t get results. Despite three years of consistent, recurring claims of debilitating legal abuse by the clients of Mr. Middleton and his existing and former partners, the LADB has sat silent while scores of families suffered financial and emotional abuse from their own attorneys. Our collective experience reflects that the LADB has made a mockery of the regulatory system for the Louisiana Bar through its inaction. As a result, the Group was left no choice but to litigate issues that should have been resolved through an effective regulatory process.”

According to Eakin, the Ogdenmiddletonvictims.net and Goldweemsvictims.net websites will be upgraded and updated with new information in response to increases in viewership and the support the site has received from consumers and attorneys statewide. The Group plans to convert the website into an active non-profit publication dedicated to the research and prevention of legal abuse in Louisiana.
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