15 April 2006

rms titanic 94 years ago today

a third class cabin on rms titanic

we thought it would be remiss not to post about the titanic on this the 94th anniversary of its sinking. the titanic has always been a fascinating mystery to us. ever since we were children we have read a lot of books both non-fiction and fiction giving different takes on this maiden voyage. we wonder as we visualize the passenger's that night ourselves most likey an immigrant or traveler returning home to america third class, would we have been smart enough to have survived? its always been reported that the first lifeboats lowered had just a few passengers in them because the boat officers didnt know for sure if the lifeboats could withstand the weight at fully loaded and also because so many people balked at leaving the ship when it didnt appear to be in danger. would we have been smart enough to have seen or sensed the impending peril in time and somehow gotten down to the water shinnied down a rope or something and swam out to safety to a partially loaded lifeboat?
at 2:20 am, monday, 15 april 1912 a mere 34,333 days, 17 hours, 42 minutes ago the royal mail ship titanic slipped beneath the waves of the north atlantic ocean.