03 April 2006

reservoirs HB1129

well we dont know what to say about this one...the oak grove communities "real reservoir news" has been pouring on the coals to the fire...some quarters say that its just moon griffon and his fans jealous of thompson as one commentor over on the conservative cajun "anthony fazzio" wrote
"...Griffon has been beating on Francis Thompson for a long time.

We both know Mike Francis (R) and other bare-knuckle entrepreneurs made Moon Griffon. Many conservatives, i.e. Ernie Alexander, think Griffon is an idiot..."
but then again we look and see that there are people not connected to griffon they actually live there. organized and pissed.

they have blogs and websites and meetings. an episode of lpb's "louisiana the state we’re in" called: Reservoir Project is about them. watch it for yourself or read the transcript here. reservoir news also has a chilling 13 minute vid of one of louisiana's in action and infamous "reservoir commission" meetings. think "levee board" when you hear reservoir because thats what they are called instead in north louisiana....

in our eternal optimistic way we are praying for something wonderful...hmm lets see in a perfect world the legislature would be setting up rep thompson double crossing him by going ahead and approving his legislation firstly to make him look bad. we speculated last monday after the governor's speech to open the joint legislative session that perhaps she was sending some kind of message by way of mentioning rep thompson to put the old boy network on notice. just maybe rep thompson seeing the handwriting on the wall was hoping that his friends on the appropriations committee would kill his reservoir bill after all its been reported that he appeared "surprised" and "disappointed" at the lack of debate. of course that could all be an act we understand thompson is very polished in his delivery ..we just dont know...we do know after all its not a perfect world...someone needs to get the state treasurer john kennedy on the phone and ask what this is all about. and then vote these turkeys out.

all this brought to you by your pals in the louisiana state legislature

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