17 April 2006

franklin graham full of crap

so, last night we were channel surfing and came to stop at...we are embarrased to admit this..faux news, but only because they were doing an interview with the aunt (fathers sister) of natalee holloway. anyway, during the course of the interview we noticed in the crawl all the "news channels" do nowadays, something about franklin graham comparing the us army 's [iraq] sacrifice to the sacrifice made by jesus?!? so this morning we held our nose's and went on fox news website but couldnt find the story. next we did a google news search on franklin graham (which is what we should have done in the first place) and found a story.

first off it was an army the ROMAN army that scourged jesus. it was an army the ROMAN army that crucifed jesus. it was soldier's ROMAN soldier's that gambled over jesus's garments. when jesus, hanging on the cross asked for water it was soldier's ROMAN soldier's that gave him vinegar to drink instead. it was another soldier a ROMAN soldier who took a spear and stabbed jesus in the side. you get the picture?

army's are meant to kill people not provide aid and comfort and certainly not to carry out the great commission.
franklin graham's even suggesting something like this is offensive and odious. we wonder how many pieces of silver it took for graham to become a propaganda prostitute for the bush white house, the zionists and the military industrial complex?

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