27 April 2006

Marionneaux sb 77 civil procedure

naked ownership has posted about sb 77, which is a bill (constitutional amendment) about civil suit appeals. it seems like a good idea but before we decide we would like to know where the jurisdiction for administrative agency determinations and workers compensation matters will lie? otherwise the bill changes the appeals court civil scope of review to questions of law only. currently the appeals court may review civil suit appeals: "as provided by law' and/or "in the interest of justice." allowing the appeals court to consider in the interest of justice brings in a lot of other things for the court to consider like your attitude, state of mind, whether people like you or not, or if they consider you good enough to decide for, all this despite whether or not you are right legally. you know the usual louisiana crap. one example that comes to mind that shows "louisiana crap" is in the film easy rider... the restaurant scene...you might remember who attacked and beat to death jack nicholson's character george hanson? - the name of the parish was mentioned in that scene. the guy wearing the cat diesel power hat lol. that attitude is louisiana crap.

so if the appeals court is limited to reviewing matters of law only that should (although you never know what the leges are up to) take away the louisiana crap. sb77 was scheduled to be heard by senate committee on judiciary a on 25 april 2006. however, according to its website the bill wasnt heard that day.