06 April 2006

oopsie no2 ball cops capture then release escaped fed prisoner

**update 25 october 2007** richard lee mcnair captured

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**9:02 pm cdt friday 05 may 2006** mcnair spotted in canada

we were wondering about this since we noticed a lot of canadians arriving here today by google search.
heres the latest from the alexandria (louisiana) daily town talk:

McNair spotted in British Columbia

Canadian police are searching for escaped murder Richard Lee McNair after he was stopped by, and fled from, officials there.

Last week, Canadian police pulled over a vehicle that had been reported stolen. The driver got out of the car and fled the scene. Evidence later showed the driver was McNair.

The Town Talk will provide additional information as it becomes available. For coverage of this story by America's Most Wanted, click the link to the right of this story.

Originally published May 5, 2006

here to view this story from the town talks website.
see also: mcnair's trip to canada from the america's most wanted website by clicking here.

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9:44 am wednesday 26 april 2006
now our local gannett garbage can the town talk or as its known in some circles the clown talk is editorializing (propagandizing) for "local law enforcement officials" that richard lee mcnair "had help from people, perhaps people living in this area." hmm okay wheres the proof? no one has been arrested for aiding mcnair. the carl bordelon incident aside lets face it our clueless local law enforcement was outfoxed by a murderer. here is an article published by the town talk on 22 april 2006 quoting u.s. marshall beau bartell who couldnt comment on who the suspected accomplices are but promised arrest warrants and arrests as early as this week.

added 12:48 pm cdt friday 28 april 2006
well its friday afternoon and still no reported arrests of any accomplices aiding richard lee mcnair's escape. you see how the media and law enforcement does? instead of trying to bring the community together, encouraging everyone to learn from their mistakes and move on, they try and divide the community by insinuating that your friend, family or neighbor must have helped mcnair. ridiculous.

**updated 12:46 pm cdt tuesday 25 april 2006**
Texas police think McNair is in Mexico
KXMA link. by way of www.thedeadpelican.com
Texas police say they've scaled back their search for Richard McNair, who escaped from a federal prison in Louisiana earlier this month.

McNair was serving a life sentence for killing a trucker in Minot in 1987. He escaped from the Louisiana prison on April Fifth.

Police in Harlingen, Texas say they think McNair has fled across the border to Mexico.

A film crew from the "America's Most Wanted" television show will be in Minot on Thursday.

The crew plans to re-enact the scene at the grain elevator where trucker Jerome Theis of Circle Pines, Minnesota, was killed in 1987 during a burglary attempt. Elevator employee Richard Kitzman was wounded.

McNair is on the U.S. Marshal's list of the 15 most wanted criminals, and there's a $25,000 reward for his capture.
**updated 8:33 pm cdt friday 21 april 2006**
Letter triggers McNair search in south Texas
town talk snip:
The search for escaped murderer Richard Lee McNair has moved west, with a letter sent from McNair to his mother as the catalyst.
Authorities said the letter was sent from a South Padre Island, Texas, post office, making the southern Texas town the epicenter of search efforts west of the Red River.
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**updated 12:30 pm cdt thursday 20 april 2006**
oopsie no3 mcnair might not be in texas after all
town talk snip:
Extending the search for escaped murderer Richard Lee McNair to the Brownsville and Corpus Christi, Texas areas is based on the idea McNair might attempt to flee the country, not on tips or sightings, according to law enforcement officials.
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**updated 1001 pm cdt wednesday 19 april 2006**
kalb-tv is reporting that richard lee mcnair is believed to be in south texas
KALB snip:
Ed Martinez, with the U.S. Marshalls tells Kimberely Wyatt, with CBS affiliate-KGBT, in South Padre Texas, McNair was spotted there this morning. The Queen Isabella Causeway that connects the South Padre Island is being checked for McNair. Right now the cosway is at a 2 hour standstill-police are stopping every car and searching everyone for McNair.
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KGBT snip:
A convicted killer who escaped from a Louisiana federal prison earlier this month may be hiding out on South Padre Island.
They believe McNair may be headed to Mexico.
McNair has several aliases including Richard McNair, Lee McNair, Lee Richards, Robert Jones and Jimmy Jones.
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mcnair pictured in previous escape action
more richard lee mcnair photo's on america's most wanted website - click here

click here to read "a well thought out plan" on america's most wanted
**updated 11:50 am cdt wednesday 12 april 2006**

pineville, ball and tioga area newspaper raises serious escape questions...

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**updated 4:37 pm cdt monday 10 april 2006** now you may view the video through this embed from google video. simply click the "play" button (middle arrow).

if you cant see the embed then click here or go to www.video.google.com and search richard lee mcnair and/or carl bordelon

note: you may still download/view this 101MB video from the town talk's website by clicking here.
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KALB.com: Bordelon isn't ready to confront the media. click here to read more.
Bureau of Prisons Lists Richard Lee McNair as


sunday 09 april 2006 9:30 am cdt
screen grab from bureau of prisons jailbird locator...
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click here and see for yourself.

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ball la police officer carl bordelon motions to traffic. richard lee mcnair feigns timeliness. gilly williams road, ball, louisiana. wednesday 05 april 2006.

added 11:17 am cdt tuesday 11 april 2006...overnight low temperature was 50f (10c) humidity 36% sunny and breezy.

added 8:48 am cdt monday 10 april 2006...low temperature today was 44f (5c) the wind is calm and its sunny. humidity 48% - another glorious april day in rapides parish, louisiana.

added 10:37 am cdt sunday 09 april 2006...when we first posted about this story it was wednesday evening. channel 5 had been running a crawl continuously all evening. so we thought ok that looks like something (for posterity) to post about. thursday morning the town talk published that richard lee mcnair had been stopped, interviewed and "cut loose" by ball police we posted that here at 10:33 am. around 5:30 pm thursday we began receiving google searchers for richard lee mcnair. that evening it came out that the town talk had the squad car video showing the interview between ball police officer, carl bordelon and the escapee richard lee mcnair. so we found that link and posted it at 8:48 pm. so far we have received searchers from all over the usa and parts of canada and in some google search strings we are ranked at or near the top page rank. this story is becoming almost as popular as chocolateville first was back at the end of january. if mcnair is still around and hiding in the woods he must be misraeble. it was 53f (12c) here yesterday morning and 49f (9c) this morning. right now its sunny and warming but windy and the wind is cold especially in a shade. yesterday was the same too. overnight friday into saturday morning the weather was bad and it rained some. now its sunday morning and this story hasnt ended yet...

added 9:24 pm cdt friday 07 april 2006...we can admit when we are wrong and actually after finally viewing the complete video we find that officer carl bordelon was very courteous and isnt a jack booted thug after all. bordeolon isnt an idiot either. he represented the states power well; oh we're not kidding ourselves for a minute...ball is still a speed trap and officer bordelon would ticket us instantly lol and more than likely tell this story whilst hes doing it...and we would be lmao the whole time too ;-) ...so...the community right now is learning from this and hopefully the next time this happens and yeah there will be a next time...we will be more prepared....

**updated** 8:48 pm cdt thursday 06 april 2006
the town talk has the police video of ball police officer carl bordelon interview with escaped inmate richard mcnair. it should be noted that ball, louisiana is a notorious speed trap town here in central louisiana and when the chip's are down this is the kind of police work you get when your police force 's "police work" consists of hiding behind traffic signs preying on old men and women and kids handing out speeding tickets all day.
click here and view ball police video from the town talks website.
gilly williams road, ball, la., from google earth. the railroad track is a colored line west of gilly williams road. to the east there is also a colored line for the other track. together they run south to form a V
another google earth snap of gilly williams road. the colored line west of gilly williams road is the rail road track, richard lee mcnair was jogging on.
gilly williams road, ball, la., community perspective.

**updated 10:16 pm cdt sunday 09 april 2006**

Search for McNair remains fruitless
By Bill Sumrall
(318) 487-6417

BALL -- The search for an escaped prison convict continued into its fifth day Sunday.

At a command center set up in the former King’s Country Shopping Center in Pineville, Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Detective Stephen Kartsimas said that authorities were still running down leads in the search for convicted murderer Richard Lee McNair.

McNair was serving a life sentence for murder, criminal attempt and burglary at the U.S. Penitentiary in Pollock when he escaped Wednesday. Since then, Tioga-area residents have reported numerous sightings of him.

Kartsimas said as long as they continued to receive tips about McNair being seen in the area, authorities would continue the manhunt where he was last spotted.

On Sunday, Kartsimas said authorities were checking the houses of residents who had been away for a few days. He said some people were asking authorities to search their homes to ensure McNair was not hiding there.

Originally published April 9, 2006
click here to view this story on the town talks website.

**8:40 am cdt saturday 08 april 2006**

mcnair's hometown paper alerts southwest oklahoma:


By Andrew Griffin
Staff Writer
(580) 585-5137

DUNCAN, Okla. -- A convicted murderer serving a life term and considered armed and extremely dangerous escaped from a federal prison in Louisiana on Wednesday and may be making his way to familiar territory in Southwest Oklahoma.

According to a report in The Town Talk of Alexandria, La., the escapee, Richard Lee McNair, 47, escaped from the federal penitentiary at Pollock, La., by hiding in a pallet loaded with mailbags. While a manhunt is ongoing in Central Louisiana, U.S. Marshals and the FBI are keeping an eye out in Southwest Oklahoma, as are local officials at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Jane Haschemeyer, spokeswoman for the federal penitentiary in Pollock couldn't give any specific details about names on McNair's visitors list but confirmed the link to this area.
"He does have some relatives and friends that are in the Duncan, Okla. area," Haschemeyer said.

"There's no reason to think he's heading to Oklahoma but we just don't know."
A spokeswoman at the Stephens County Sheriff's Office said "we already received a tip from a lady but it didn't pan out," she said, confirming McNair has family in the county.

Shortly after McNair's daring escape from the rural penitentiary in Grant Parish, La., a police officer in the nearby town of Ball stopped McNair after he spotted the con artist jogging down some railroad tracks. The officer questioned McNair, who had given him two different false names, and unwittingly let the convict go after accepting his story that he was a simply a visiting roofer out for a jog.

According to Deputy John Thomas with the U.S. Marshals office in Oklahoma City said McNair has previous escape charges out of North Dakota. Authorities have also said in news reports that the Oklahoma native is "very, very dangerous ... intelligent with no fear, vain about his looks and health conscious."

U.S. Marshal Michael Roach added that "every available resource will be utilized to bring this extremely dangerous fugitive back into custody." He may also be heading to the Oklahoma City area.

The report in the Louisiana newspaper also quoted a federal prison official in North Dakota who said McNair is a "cold-blooded killer" who "knows how to live while on the run."
If you have knowledge of McNair's whereabouts, contact the U.S. Marshals Service Metro Fugitive Task Force at (405) 231-4206 or call 911. And if you prefer to send information via e-mail, write to: OKC.Wanted@usdoj.gov or visit online at www.usmarshals.gov.
grandforksherald.com Snip:
Richard Lee McNair's last escape lasted 259 days from Monday 0ct 19, 1992 till Monday July 05,1993.
click here to read more.
bismarktribune.com Snip:
Richard McNair's escape from a Louisiana prison didn't surprise Tim Schuetzle, warden of the North Dakota State Pen. McNair has a long history of escape or attempted escape. In addition to escaping from the prison in Bismarck, McNair had previously escaped officials in Minot by slipping out of handcuffs and jumping out of a three-story building.

Caroll Erickson, who was the Minot police chief at the time in 1988, said McNair was left alone for a brief period of time in a detective's office when he managed to slip out of handcuffs that were hooked to a chair. Police later apprehended him after he tried to jump from a window of a three-story apartment building to grab a tree branch. He fell and suffered back injuries.
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KATC Snip:
Man convicted of killing escapes from Louisiana prison
Richard Lee McNair, 47, escaped in a mail van Wednesday after hiding in a warehouse, officials said. He is a martial arts expert and has a history of carjacking, said Rapides Parish sheriff's Maj. Mike Slocum. He had escaped twice while in custody in North Dakota.

McNair is serving a life sentence for killing trucker Jerome Theis, of Circle Pines, Minn., at a grain elevator in Minot, N.D. on the night of Nov. 17, 1987, during a burglary attempt. Police said Theis was shot to death as he sat in his truck outside the Minot Farmers Union grain elevator. Richard Kitzman, an elevator employee, was shot four times but survived.
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Town Talk Snip:
Retired N.D. officer says McNair is "very, very dangerous"
Leo Keelan once trusted Richard Lee McNair as an informant who helped the Minot (N.D.) police catch drug dealers and users. That trust shattered when McNair was charged with murder and began a series of escapes from law enforcement...."He can talk the talk," he said. "He's got that down. He's very, very dangerous in what he can do as a con artist. He's knowledgeable and intelligent."
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local cop blogger gives his take see manhunt continues and 10-6 from pawpaws house

ball resident calls for mayor, police resignations:
sunday 16 april 2006 town talk

Time for resignations in the town of Ball

After the fiasco on video with the escaped convict, it seems it is now time for Ball police Officer Carl Bordelon and Mayor Roy Hebron to resign their positions.

This stuff has become the joke of the day. As a "trained" police officer, it completely goes beyond everyone's comprehension. Question after question with escaped convict Richard Lee McNair, and repeatedly he answered differently each time.

As mayor of Ball, Hebron is responsible for the safety of its people. There's more to being a mayor than having fish fries for the elderly, fundraisers and so on. The mayor also has the responsibility to only hire competent people in positions of power.

As a taxpayer of Ball, I, along with any other embarrassed citizens, ask for the immediate resignation of our elected official (Mayor Hebron), as well as the incompetent police officer. Never before during Mayor Hebron's illustrious career has it been so embarrassing to live in the city of Ball.

Please, for the sake of the citizens of Ball, it is time to resign.

Don Mercer, Ball

Originally published April 16, 2006