12 October 2006

07 november 2006 constitutional amendments

via legis.louisiana.gov we find the following eight constitutional amendments on the upcoming ballot:

Proposed Amendment No. 1
Act 511 of the 2005 Regular Session
To extend the special assessment level to homesteads owned and occupied by any person with a service-connected disability rating of fifty percent or more and by certain members of the armed forces of the United States or members of the Louisiana National Guard killed or missing in action or who were prisoners of war, and to any person designated as permanently totally disabled, subject to other conditions and requirements provided under the present constitution, and to require annual certification of eligibility by persons under sixty-five years of age who have qualified and received the special assessment level. (AMENDS Article VII, Section 18(G)(1)(a)(i) and (iii) and 2(a); ADDS Article VII, Section 18(G)(1)(a)(iv))

Proposed Amendment No. 2
Act 864 of the 2006 Regular Session
To increase the maximum amount of the severance tax imposed and collected by the state on natural resources, other than sulphur, lignite, and timber, which is remitted to the parish governing authority where the severance occurs from seven hundred fifty thousand dollars to eight hundred fifty thousand dollars effective July 1, 2007, and provides that this maximum amount be increased to reflect the increase in the Consumer Price Index beginning July 1, 2008. (AMENDS Article VII, Section 4(D))

Proposed Amendment No. 3
Act 510 of the 2005 Regular Session
To exempt from ad valorem property tax medical equipment leased for a term exceeding five years to a nonprofit corporation or association which owns or operates a small, rural hospital and if the equipment is used solely for health care purposes at the hospital; to provide that "small, rural hospital" shall mean a hospital which meets all of the following criteria:(1) It has less than fifty Medicare-licensed acute care beds. (2) It is located in a municipality with a population of less than ten thousand which has been classified as an area with a shortage of health manpower by the United States Health Service. (AMENDS Article VII, Section 21(B)(1)(a))

Proposed Amendment No. 4
Act 512 of the 2005 Regular Session
Exempts motor vehicles from municipal ad valorem taxes and removes language that authorizes a municipal governing authority or a district thereof to impose ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles. (AMENDS Article VII, Section 21(E))

Proposed Amendment No. 5
Act 509 of the 2005 Regular Session
To exempt consigned art from ad valorem property tax; that is, all artworks such as sculptures, glass works, paintings, drawings, signed and numbered posters, photographs, mixed media, collages, or any other item which would be considered as the material result of a creative endeavor. (Effective January 1, 2007) (ADDS Article VII, Section 21(C)(19))

Proposed Amendment No. 6
Act 862 of the 2006 Regular Session
To authorize the legislature to enact laws establishing new judgeships of district courts as new divisions having limited or specialized jurisdiction within the territorial jurisdiction of the district court and subject matter jurisdiction over family or juvenile matters as provided by law. (Effective January 1, 2007.) (AMENDS Article V, Section 15(A))

Proposed Amendment No. 7
Act 863 of the 2006 Regular Session
To provide for a single tax assessor in Orleans Parish to be elected at the same time as the municipal officers of New Orleans. (AMENDS Article VII, Section 24)

Proposed Amendment No. 8
Act 861 of the 2006 Regular Session
To grant the Central community school system in East Baton Rouge Parish the same authority granted parishes for purposes of Article VIII, Section 13 of the Constitution of Louisiana, including purposes related to the minium foundation program, funding for certain school books and instructional materials, and the raising of certain local revenues for the support of elementary and secondary schools. (AMENDS Article VIII, Section 13(D)(1))