29 October 2006


for this post, we kind of stole the idea, correction, was inspired by this post from cenlamar. back at sunday 24 september 2006 we installed a new hit counter from statcounter. we had used site meter previously as one of our two hit counters the second one from liveblogstats.com we have had since around the first of the year. for the most part we were happy with sitemeter and the stats it provides. we noticed that from comparing the hit counters they both would consistently miss a lot of hits some the other hit counter caught and some not. it wasnt uncommon for one or the other to be off by 100 or more on really fast days. there was something about sitemeter that made us think that it was the one that missed more hits more often so thats why we decided sitemeter would be the one our experiment would replace.

the screen grabs below are statistics from sunday 24 septemter through tuesday 24 october 2006. we installed the statcounter code around 1:30 pm that sunday so that explains the difference between the counters total for that day.

the bottom line is that there is no way to know the real number of visitors that a site receives. but its fun trying to figure it out!

statcounter stats note the top stat is from tuesday 24 october 2006

liveblogstats.com note the top stat is sunday 24 september 2006