10 October 2006

web blogs and free speech

sunday night (08 october 2006) chad over @ www.thedeadpelican.com brought us news about how the louisiana state heh heh heh ethics board had an agenda item "Docket No. 06-699 Consideration of a request for an advisory opinion concerning the regulation of web-blogs and blog sites and the placement of political campaign signs."


while this development wasnt entirely surprising to us we decided to take a wait and see attitude and by monday word came out that the cause of concern for ethics board consideration was the washington parish hard copy message board.

we know that wphcmb receives a lot of traffic because in the past when we have been linked from there we always receive a couple of hundred hit referrals. although we arent regulars to that site it seems that there is a councilman from bogalusa, thomas d. kates who doesnt like the attention that he receives on the wphcmb. lol imagine that.

recent screen grab of the washington parish hard copy message board
this morning we received the following press release from the founder of the washington parish hard copy message board:

Concerning Bogalusa Councilman Thomas Kates, and the State Ethics Board regulating Web sites like the Washington Parish Hard Copy.

The Hard Copy is a free speech site of the people.

The site is run by Mrs. Lee Kelley.
Lee runs a great site, and any subject is open for debate, but inappropriate posts using bad language or slander are not allowed.

One of the most popular subjects on the Hard Copy is Politics and Politicians.

Politicians are uncomfortable with their behavior being under close scrutiny.

Lee, a previous Washington Parish News Paper owner is very out spoken concerning good government, and Political Corruption.

Lee, and Jalon Beech founded the Washington Parish Community Preservation Alliance in opposition to the Washington Parish Reservoir.

There are articles written by Lee on the http://realreservoirnews.blogspot.com/

Lee Kelley, and Jalon Beech recently appeared on the Don Dubuc Show
on WWL Radio 870 am talking about Eminent Domain and the Washington Parish Reservoir.

Click here for a recording available on We Saw That

An Article, "Who is Shawn and Lee Kelley?"
is available on http://washingtonparish.blogspot.com/ about Mrs. Lee Kelley.

If you would like to contact Mrs. Lee Kelley for her input, her Phone number is below.

Lee Kelley
702-658-7397 - tel/fax
702-686-2374 - cellular