29 October 2006

louisiana way forums: southeast louisiana skyrocketing murder rate

the louisiana way forum admin emailed us tonight letting us know about their new thread on the shocking murder rate in southeast louisiana. did you see the report about the guy who killed and cooked his girlfriend before he jumped to his death off the omni royal orleans hotel? heres what louisiana way forum thinks is going down.

I predicted this months ago, BEFORE it began escalating and became obvious beyond denial or cover-up: www.louisianaway.com/forums/index.php?topic=491.0
July 26, 2006, 01:36:36 PM
Do not look for your state to ever be the same again.
I will predict Louisiana will become (further) similar in nature to a central or south American narco-terroristic state.
Flash-Forward to Oct 28, 2006:

Here, please, BRIEFLY document murders which occur on Southeast Lousiana.

To begin with, peruse this list of 15 recent news stories:

www.forgotston.com/wp-content/misery.html c b forgotston

Boy, 14, wanted a rival killed nola.com

Man killed, woman shot in N.O. East

Police: 1 dead, another injured in nightclub shooting wwl

Woman files wrongful death lawsuit against Kenner PD
A woman whose son was fatally shot by police has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Kenner Police Department. wwl
Our leaders just cannot effectively nor competently deal with this problem, and it IS their responsibility which they are not fulfilling their DUTY to protect the public from these miserable events, and it is the responsibility of THE PEOPLE to ensure that the parties in positions of public trust whom are responsible for preventing these sad incidents are NOT allowed to remain in office unless they effect substantive change in these statistics.
click the link for more.

we first stumbled across the louisiana way forums back at 12 december 2005. google brought us to them because thats what google does. we joined their forum but to our chagrin in the past year we havent really posted anything there or checked it.

getting used to these local blogs that we have around here has been mesmerizing to us instead. cenla antics itself wasnt started until 03 october 2005, [we didnt know about it until march though]. seems to get a lot of local traffic. and has gotten off to a good start. sheriff race blog [tod-blog] is up to 222 comments. cenlamar is a true local blog that we have been fortunate enough to have there shortly after its inception and witnessed how it has evolved. hopefully locals will see what lamar has done there and follow his example...in their own way of coz. paw paw's house is another great example of a person blogging around here. cenla antiX is hanging in there. up until oh about the last five months or so we hadnt ever seen folks from around louisiana online. we've met online many people from new zealand, oz, the uk and europe and no one from around here. in fact if we didnt know any better we could reasonably believe that we were the only ones online around here. so needless to say its been a black hole these past 6 years. central louisiana's blogosophere appears to still be in its infancy. no, not infancy stone age. it seems like central louisiana's entrance into the blogging world started like with so many of us with hurricane katrina. the problem with central louisiana right now is that everyone is afraid to start their own blog and give their own opinions. instead, most people find it more comfortable on cenla antics to make random comments in what is really a message board. but hopefully though this phase wont last very long and more and more will begin to contribute and we can have a real discourse around the blogosphere. the risk runs in that cenla antics was the first of its kind the people discovered so will people stick with it since it was their first experience with posting and blogging? hopefully they will begin to look around at other local blogospheres around the country. no one in their right mind could think that cenla antics is the only way to go right? we noticed that kalb's latest video blog entry has received more comments than usual. the town talk's recent story chat addition seems to be getting comments too but we dont pay much attention to them because we dont like the way its laid out. things are looking up...

louisiana way forums have city forums heres a few including alexandria.

and rapides parish

so heres an update of a post from last year ...reminding ourselves of another place we came across that we can go to, to read and post about cenla.
you do have to register to post in the louisiana way forums but not to browse it. the registration is simple and non privacy intrusive - you register a display name and valid email address they send an email and you have to click on the link in it to activate your account. thats it. its a pretty neat forum set-up they have. the template is nice and it loads and navigates quickly.

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