11 October 2006

can moon griffon be trusted?

UPDATE: moon griffon quits the republican party!

blane "moon" griffon is a radio talk show host., who claims to represent republican party and conservative republican american values. his logo has the audacity to state: god * family * country in that order.

why then we have to ask, isnt griffon speaking out against what so called republicans are doing not only to the republican party but more importantly to the country and the constitution? griffon is supposed to be a smart guy he says that he has a college degree although from a louisiana university for what thats worth. lmao.

in a normal sane world people like griffon, if they were what they claim to be, would be speaking out about and asking questions. in this new world of black is white, left is right, up is down, nothing is at it seems.

this morning for example, griffon had on his show u.s. congressman piyush "bobby" jindal. griffon didnt bother to ask jindal any hard questions like how could jindal vote for h.r. 6166 and s.3930 the military commissions act of 2006 which cancels the constitution and transformed america into a military dictatorship. incredulously, giffon agreed with jindal who voted for h.r. 4844 which cancels our right to vote and makes it dependent upon applying to the federal government for permission and being issued a federal i.d. card to exercise what used to be an american's natural right. what h.r.4844 is really about is forcing more and more americans into federal (and state) databases -- h.r.4844 is not protecting our right to vote - honestly.

so to answer our question about whether moon griffon can be trusted? the answer is a resounding no. if griffon is ok with and misleading us with regard to such vermin as piyush "bobby" jindal and senator david vitter, george w. bush et. al., then what else is he deceiving us about? and that goes for all the other "republican" talking heads (you know who you are) in louisiana who are not speaking out against the destruction of this country.
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    for those of you who like to listen to .mp3 audio take a listen to this interview between national syndicated talk radio host jeff rense and alex jones about h.r. 6166 the military commissions act of 2006 which cancels the constitution and installs an american military dictatorship:

    **updated** 12:39 pm cdt thursday 19 october 2006 - added new links to the audio files.

    If you are east of the Mississippi, click HERE for the links to download/listen to the interview

    If you are west of the Mississippi OR outside the USA, use the link below

    http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/Jeff&Alex100206.mp3 (1 file/both hours)