18 October 2006

blogger calls for 'hebron gang' arrest prosecution

main stream media missing in action series...
in a series of scathing posts local attorney and blogger greg aymond in his blog central la politics identifies and calls for the arrest and prosecution of who he terms "the hebron gang." funny how the local main stream media continue to overlook and coverup this story. dont look for any help from local law enforcement either. we have a joke for a district attorney remember how the d.a.'s office tried to railroad amanda gutweiler hypes and then had their bums handed to them by the third circuit? our local sheriff: william earl hilton, is nothing but a scam and flim-flam artist himself as shown by his in perpetuity sales tax which is unamerican on its face and likely unconstitutional. you see here at rapides parish, louisiana the criminals are in charge of the criminal justice system. is it like that where you live as well?

central la politics snip:
Those that defied the District Attorney's advice to recoup the public funds spent,
and covered up Roy Hebron's free waterline were:

Tommy Hollingsworth- Who went around the Board and ordered a crew to lay the line, then resigned, as a police jury appointee after he refused to giive a statement in the Board ordered investigation, and then was reappointed to the Board by Hebron;

Rich Dupree - Executive Assist. to the Mayor of Pineville,
pathological lier, and removed from the Board by the entire Police

Glenda Linscum - Resigned from the Board when the Ethics Board began investigating;

Otha Haily - Sold out to the cover up of Roy's waterline in exhange for becoming the new Board president, although he held that office only a few months before being removed by the Police Jury;

Wes Hebron - Innocent dupe of his brother Roy who was removed by the Police Jury and is the only one thus far to answer to the Ethics Board for Roy's free waterline;

Thurman Kelly - Yes man of his boss at Pineville, Clarence Dupree, and whose daughter works for the Water District who is also a liar and a coward. Thurman is the one who wanted to pray Roger Toney to death as being pure evil. Now that his usefulness is over, he was replaced as Board President;
others identified by the blogger as part of 'the hebron gang'
Roger Toney; Les Prestridge and Bonnie Lemoine.
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