18 October 2006

turn coat rodney turns on his fellow congresscritters

we have to LOL at this one. lets see congressman alexander turns on his party, turns on his contributors, supporters and constituents. most importantly congressman alexander turns on the constitution and bill of rights as shown by his vote and support of the usa patriot act; the military commissions act of 2006 which has transformed america into a military dictatorship; h.r.4844 the federal election integrity act of 2006 which cancels americans right to vote and makes our right to vote predicated upon first applying to the federal government for permission to vote. aww c'mon rodney alexander has made a career out of selling us out.

now rodney is pointing fingers at his fellow congressmen and congresswomen in saying that others knew about mark foley's online child sexual grooming techniques with underage congressional pages. we have to wonder didnt the congressman's parents ever tell him when he was growing up not to worry about what nancy is doing or what denny has done just worry about what rodney is doing? ours sure did. didnt yours?

follow the link via www.thedeadpelican.com to todays story in the sleezeport err shreveport times.

“There are many people who knew what we knew and have known about it for a lot longer time,” Alexander, R-Quitman, said after testifying before the House ethics committee. He declined to be specific.
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