24 October 2006

is the town talk promoting prostitution?

the other night we went over on the town talks website to check the obituaries. we know, we know, some of you will be disappointed to learn that our name wasnt listed. then the advertisement for mate1.com intimate dating service caught our eye. now every web savvy person out there knows that most if not all of these so called dating websites are merely thinly veiled fronts that organized crime rings use to promote prostitution and pornography. the prostitution bit should be easy to figure out. the pornography part works like this: girls on webcams doing sexual acts are the pornography.

click pictures to enlarge

dont believe us? well heres an advertisement we came across from the same company mate1.com that they are running over on the washington parish hard copy message board. now if mate1 was a legitimate company then why do they have to use soft core porn imagery to sell their product?

heres who is behind mate1.com. its some canadians.

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