08 October 2006

H.R. 4844: federal election integrity act of 2006

'papers please'... nazification of amerika
dont be fooled this isnt about federal election integrity at all. what a joke we already have electronic voting machines in place to ensure that electons turn out however they wish. what this is about is getting more and more people into their system. think about it...they will have your photograph and likely a fingerprint, retinal scan and other biometric identifiers as well as your address and social security number into yet another database to monitor and draw from. now voting perhaps the one thing thats supposed to be an americans natural right to do will be dependant upon getting into the system which in effect is having to ask permission to vote by applying and receiving a mandatory identification card. how hard would it be for them to link up how we vote with the new electronic voting machines? your id card will be scanned at the polling place how hard would it be to link that up with the machine that you use to vote from? nothing even needs to be hard wired it can all be done wirelessly the poll workers wont even know about it.
americans are being set up for a slaughtering and instead of speaking out about and against it most are cheering it on. how much longer will the dimwitted people of this state and nation support the traitorious actions of scoundrels like piyush "bobby" jindal; jim mccrery; rodney alexander; richard baker; charles boustany and yeah we will lump charlie melancon into this lineup as well based on his previous votes for such freedom robbing garbage as the usa patriot act and h.r. 6166 and s.3930 the military commissions act of 2006, which transforms amerika into a military dictatorship.

whats so shocking is that these people claim to stand for the exact opposite of what they do time and time again. the only conclusion is that they are liars. yet, most of the people of this state continue on... willfully giving up freedoms that were paid for by our ancestors blood like its no big deal. willingly selling our children and our childrens children into captivity. will our offspring look up to us in such high esteem as we hold our forebears? probably not. in fact they should hate us and curse us and piss on our graves.

we're sorry but if you vote for and support any of these you're nothing more than a mind controlled useful idiot of the criminal network.

thanks again to congressman william "bill" jefferson for once more standing up for our freedoms and voting nay to h.r. 4844 as well as the usa patriot act and h.r. 6166 & s.3930.