30 October 2006

new cenla blog shesnoops.com

**updated** friday 22 december 2006 -- apparantly this blog has been deleted.

heres a new cenla blog we just found out about. from what we can gather this blogger is something of a crime buff and will be shortly taking the law school admissions test. good luck!
according to this bloggers bio:
I’m a snoop. I admit it. As someone who has spent over 10 years in the law enforcement field, snooping is second nature for me. In addition to investigating crime, I enjoy traveling (long and short trips), reading inspirational romance books and true crime novels, and writing. To date I’ve had two non-fiction books published.
so click on over and check it out. dont forget to look in shesnoops cold cases section for several interesting write-ups including one on wst fave amanda gutweiler hypes.
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