25 October 2006

is cenla antics republican propaganda?

tonight we noticed that someone arrived on our blog searching for "cenla antics" through the aol search engine. well we know that not many netizens use aol to search and being the ever curious bloggers that we are we decided to see what kind of search for cenla antics that aol returned. we noticed that towards the bottom of the page was an entry for related links: cenla gopac. you can click here to see the aol results for yourself. cenla gopac is the local republican party website.

lo and behold cenla antics blog is linked at the very top of their links list:

heres a list of cenla gopac's officers and very likely some of the nasty anonymous commentators that so infest cenla antics. hmmmmm.

one other thing that we have to point out is the positioning of that star in their logo - if you look closely you cant help but notice that its a star of baphomet also called a witches pentagram. click here for some more examples. click here for more information on subliminal messages from wikipedia.