28 October 2006


vote the record put out an appeal to its readers to email the la state treasurer and instructs you on how to make it easy for him to switch to the republican party by attaching the sec'y of state .pdf ....

louisiana state treasurer john neely kennedy

dear sec'y kennedy,

personally, we hope that you dont switch over to the republican party. vote the record claims that you "dont have a democratic bone in your body." is this true?

the democratic party needs men and women who will stand up for traditional democratic principles. now is the time traditional democrats can take charge of the party again besides hi-tailing it over to the republicans...that trick wont work no more.

nola blogging kingfish
oyster over @ yrht has a nice series of posts about sec'y kennedy.

"In the fall of 2007, the major candidates running for Governor include Incumbent Gov Kathleen Blanco, Rep. Bobby Jindal, and State Treasurer John Kennedy. Many Democratic voters support Kennedy over Kathleen Blanco and Rep. Bobby Jindal in the open primary, but Kennedy loses. These "Kennedy Dems" represent a crucial swing vote, and have an important decision to make between Blanco and Jindal.."
see also swoon!
With all due respect to Jindal and Vitter (do either of them believe in evolution, btw?) don't underestimate the smarts of YRHT favorite, State Treasurer John Kennedy. Even though he has a Ross Perot twang, the dude reads Kierkegaard. And is proud to say so."
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