03 October 2006

all eyes on roosevelt johnson

3:01 video here

**updated** 4:45 pm cdt tuesday 03 october 2006

roosevelt johnson will not contest saturday's election results

says may the best man win for mayor....
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mayor of alexandria, louisiana series....

unofficial election returns cast saturday 30 sept 2006 left roosevelt johnson edged out of the run-off spot in the 07 november 2006 mayoral election by 17 votes. bloggers (including ourselves) over on cenla antics blog had called the run-off spot for councilman johnson around the same time (9:30 pm) that kalb did.

saturdays vote was made official this morning when the machines were opened. see: No changes found in vote tabulation; Roy, Brewer make runoff for Alexandria mayor from the town talk. however, allegations of voting irregularities resulting in displaced voters in city council district 4 combined with new allegations of voting irregularities in buckeye could result in councilman johnson filing a suit to contest the outcome.

roosevelt johnson for mayor campaign manager mitzi gibson said on camera that: "we're looking for any error that could have been made whether it was you know lost, gained whether people were able to vote, not able to vote...i mean theres a number of things that we can look for and true enough with these new machines you know there is less of human error however just in this process this morning we found out that there is room for human error"
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