04 October 2006

cyber-sex enabler rodney alexander


we see from a town talk article linked via the dead pelican that finally, someone in the media has written about how turncoat rodney alexander approached the republican political arm instead of the actual house leadership.

town talk snip:
[t]he chairman of the House Democratic Caucus called for Alexander's resignation.

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., questioned why Alexander went to Reynolds, who leads the political group whose goal is to get Republicans elected.

"He's trying to cover their political backsides," Clyburn said of Alexander. "I think that is atrocious. He politicized this from day one."

Clyburn said Alexander and other Republicans are trying to protect Hastert. He said the leaders could have acted last year to make sure there wasn't a pattern and that there weren't other victims.
we've pointed out for months that rodney alexander is a proven back stabber, hes a liar and hes going to do whats best for rodney alexander and the criminal network he serves. if you think rodney alexander gives about two cents about you, you must as ann landers used to say "have a geranium in your cranium."

we see that touted moon griffon interview wont be with griffon hes out today. the louisiana republican party's version of tokyo rose - the shameless propagandizer harridan ruth ulrich will interview rodney alexander this morning. look for nothing new and for ulrich to help sooth and explain it all away to the simple minded people that believe everything they say. lol.

click here for this mornings tokyo rose err ruth ulrich interview with rodney alexander
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