20 October 2006

3rd circuit doesnt care about elections integrity

in this opinion released yesterday (19 october 2006) we find typical louisiana lawyer-judges in justices oswald a. decuir, jimmie c. peters and elizabeth a. pickett who wrote in part:

"Franklin alleged that multiple voting irregularities altered the results of the election, resulting in his loss to the winner by four votes. The trial court held that substantial irregularities were not established and dismissed the election suit. We do not reach the merits of this appeal. We dismiss the appeal, recognizing that this court has not gained jurisdiction to hear this matter due to the failure of the plaintiff-appellant to file an appeal bond..."

both the town talk and kalb-tv reported on alledged voting irregularities here in rapides parish and here is the 3rd circuit dismissing an appeal from yet another parish (calcasieu) on some silly technicality because the appellant j.l. franklin, didnt file his appeal bond just right. clownish lawyers are more interested in getting paid than in investigating something far worse which is that our right to vote is being conducted fairly and honestly. we have to wonder how any of these three "judges" will feel if they are defeated in their reelection bids due to voting irregularities.
just another day in the banana republic of louisiana.