07 October 2006

brent sanders for fifth congressional district congressman

For Immediate Release
October 8, 2006

Congressional Candidate Brent Sanders Responds to Page-Gate: "A Conspiracy of Silence."

Earlier today, District Five Congressional Candidate Brent Sanders responded to the ongoing investigation of Congressman Mark Foley (R- FL) regarding his inappropriate contact and vulgar comments to young male Congressional pages. "Representative Foley abused his position of authority. These young boys went to Washington, D.C. to work for their role models and mentors. Instead, they were betrayed by the very people that write the laws to protect them."

Sanders contends that Foley is not the only culpable party. "Silence is an accomplice to abuse," he said. "Our laws mandate that certain individuals are required to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect. These laws include any person who provides training and supervision of a child."

Sanders further stated, "Where is the accountability? These Congressmen had not only a moral obligation, but possibly a legal requirement to report these offenses. Instead of reporting to the proper authorities, who have trained investigators, their first action was political damage control. That is reprehensible."

Although Sanders did not single out his opponent, Rodney Alexander, he believes it is still necessary to investigate the chain of communication that took place between Alexander's office and other members of Congress, including Representative Tom Reynolds, head of the NRCC. "They both have questions to answer."

Sanders stated that, if elected, he would not play politics to protect his party. "Honest government should uphold the laws of our land. Our campaign is about holding big government accountable for the decisions they make with our tax dollars. To serve the greater good, we must be able to look beyond party politics. I commit to serve based upon the needs of the 5th Congressional District rather than the needs of any political party. This is unfortunately exactly what we have to deal with for the last two years by the Incumbent."

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