04 October 2006

fake republican watch: billy montgomery


billy montgomery switches to the cyber-sex party

this morning chad over at the dp brings us even more news about how current la state representitive billy "coach" montgomery has switched from the democratic party to the republican party. now the reason our louisiana politicians pull such bull and get away with it is because people in this state are basically stupid. switching from democrat to republican doesnt magically make mr. montgomery (or anyone else for that matter) a better person or legislator in fact if he was a good person at all then he would be hanging in there fighting for and changing the democratic party into something that voters can be proud of instead. not ol "coach" though he takes what he sees as the easy way out "coach" will do whatever it takes to make it easier for him to stay in power, to get elected because, a majority of people that live in his district (who have already demonstrated their stupidity for voting for him in the first place) have allowed themselves into being deceived into believing that being a republican automatically makes one a better person.

anyway, enough of our drivel - c b forgotston says it so much better than we ever could in his short piece titled:
A new Legislature; not a new constitution!
forgotston snip:
The problem with our current constitution is not the document itself, but the leges who constantly dodge their responsibility on politically-difficult issues. Instead of addressing the matters by statute, the leges buck the issues to the people in the form of constitutional amendments. That only serves to create the need for more constitutional amendments to correct the errors in the previous amendments.
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