25 October 2006

the zimmerman - leggett media conspiracy?

local blogger and attorney at law greg aymond proposes some very serious questions in his latest blog entry. babs zimmerman is a high up executive at kalb tv, her husband jim leggett is an executive at the alexandria daily town talk. the town talk and newschannel 5 control nearly 100% of central louisiana's local news. central louisiana is a small media market for sure and for this reason it makes it all the more important for the people to know just exactly how this husband and wife team work together to shape our news in whats reported, what isnt reported and how its presented and in what way, if any, that it all works together. doesnt it seem just a little questionable that central louisiana has a husband and wife in high places in both of the local media outlets? both the town talk and newschannel five need to come clean and let the public know just exactly what is going on here. actually its way past time for ms. zimmerman or mr. leggett or both of them to retire.

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