08 June 2007

blogosphere to alexandria city government: 'time for some answers'

alexandria youth ball park to st. francis cabrini hospital sale

in a post today (see link) central la politics blog readdresses a question that we first asked the city back on 21 may 2007. in a nutshell there are three state laws which govern the sale of municipal property to another person or entity. two do not seem to apply to this particular transaction. mayoral assistant jacqueline whittle was kind enough to reply to our question. sadly though ms. whittle totally skirted our question.

now we see that the management of st. francis cabrini hospital will stoop to racism and classism in their evil quest to absorb the alexandria youth ball park.

its way past time for mayor jacques roy to step up to the plate (no pun intended) and issue a statement on whether or not he supports or opposes the proposed ball park sale and why. if it turns out that mayor roy supports the sale then he needs to inform the citizens of alexandria what statute that the city intends to use to proceed.

its not just central la politics blog or this blog many, many commenters over on cenla antics as well as cenla stir and the alexandria garden district foundation want some answers from the city too.
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