01 June 2007

john kennedy: truth teller

governor blanco needs to sit down and shut the hell up and ride out the few remaining months of her soiled governorship in her comfy mansion.

State Treasurer John Kennedy rejected a request from Gov. Kathleen Blanco on Friday asking him to "cease and desist" his opposition to her plan to sell what remains of Louisiana's 1998 financial settlement with cigarette companies.
Kennedy rejected that plea, saying he'll continue lobbying lawmakers because he considers it part of his job to advise them of the details of the proposal and where he sees flaws in it. Kennedy said Blanco's plan — set forth in a House resolution — is too vague and spells out none of the financial details.

"I can't cease and desist from doing my job, and I can't cease and desist from telling the truth. And the truth is, this is a sucker play for Louisiana," Kennedy said.
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