27 June 2007

house goodbyes: francis thompson & charlie dewitt

*updated* the mp3's appear to be streaming properly now.
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to view the archived video from the legislature's video on demand website click here and scroll down to june 27 2007, day 36, chamber, pm session. you can then slide the real player timer bar over to francis thompson's farewell remarks which begin around 4 hours 30 minutes. charlie dewitt's farewell remarks come immediately after rep. thompson's or around time 4 hours 56 minutes.

term limited house members are giving their goodbye speeches. today we were able to capture francis c. thompson and central louisiana's own charlie dewitt.

"i just want to show yall what happened - this is what i came down here looking like and this is what the hell iam leaving like" - rep. charlie dewitt
"i want to tell you whenever my first trip i always think of this whenever i come here to baton rouge, i didnt even know how you got to the capitol. carl gunter, a lot of you dont know him, some of you do. that little ol red pick-up truck. he said 'dewitt, c'mon go with me i'am going to take you to the capitol' oh we come busting up here like the hooligans, i'd come to town you hear me? carl brought me right through those doors right there and did two things, he said 'dewitt you see that mic down there?' i said yes sir, he said 'you can say anything you want on it ' and said 'they got to sue the state they cant sue you' i've often thought about that and you know what he was pretty right i aint never seen anybody else get sued up here. he was a dear friend of mine and a heck of a good fellow.

then he led me out that other door right over there and he took me right to those doors and we stood on those steps and he said 'dewitt i'am going to show you something else' he said 'whenever you think this state cant operate and this body cant operate as long as you're a representative' he said 'you see that statue down there?' i said yeah hell i didnt know it was huey long he said 'thats where huey long's buried' he said 'whenever he died they thought this state was gonna fall in a hole and ever thing was gonna be the worst in the world; he said 'it's still working' he said 'you remember that, this state will work without you.''