13 June 2007

john maginnis: media whoring for piyush

this mornings town talk brings a john maginnis column (see link) titled "maginnis: jindal running silent and deep" and by the way, where does mr. maginnis get off using a united states naval submariner term to describe piyush's campaign strategery?

anyway, in this column mr. maginnis shows that he has little to none journalistic integrity. for instance he has this piyush quote

Jindal says his giving witness predates his political life, and that he feels the obligation because "there were people who witnessed to me and I wouldn't have become a Christian if they hadn't."
yet no journalist in all of louisiana will call piyush on his alleged christianity (piyush is not a christian) and ask him - "hey piyush if you are such a christian like you claim to be, then why do you vote for unchristian, anti-christ legislation such as the usa patriot act, the military commissions act, the read id act, the john warner defense act and on and on? this journalistic fraud shouldnt really surprise us now should it because the democrats themselves are too chickenshit to ask or bring it to the publics attention.

like a good republican apparatchik, mr. maginnis closes his column to yet again remind us that if you dont vote for or support piyush you are a racist: "Many still will not vote for Bobby Jindal because he is too dark for them. But many more will the deeper he gets them under his skin." this is the only talking point the republicans have. when one examines piyush's record one can easily see that piyush is a liar, he is a deceiver, piyush is a traitor to the constitution and bill of rights. therefore, piyush is not fit to hold any public office. what does that remark about getting piyush deeper under our skins really mean?

dont be a sucker the republicans and their lackeys want to brainwash you into believing that if you dont support piyush you are a racist. this reason alone is reason enough to reject piyush. after all, his whole campaign is based on outright deception, fraud and trickery.