11 June 2007

s.j.res 14

added 8:07 pm cdt monday 11 june 2007 senate vote. looks like louisiana's katrina mary landrieu took off her bush crime machine knee pads and voted properly -- probably because she already knew the measure was not going to pass anyway. too bad its not enough to make up for all of her bad votes. doofy david vitter as expected votes for corruption and the bush crime family.

link to senate roll call vote 207
**updated 5:20 pm cdt monday 11 june 2007** effort to pass no confidence measure on attorney general gonzales fails in senate procedural vote: 53-38. 60 votes were needed. - c-span2
s.j. res 14 is the senate no confidence vote in attorney general alberto gonzales. the senate is scheduled to vote on it sometime today.