04 June 2007

wm jefferson indictment .pdf

click link to download complete 95 page .pdf file from fox news.

alternate download here in case the fox news link becomes broken. or another alternate download link here.
**updated** the politico: jefferson 'indictmented'

Boehner to call for ethics review of Jefferson

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) will ask the ethics committee to review the federal indictment filed Monday against Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) in order to seek his expulsion from Congress.

Boehner will offer a priviledged resolution on the House floor as early as Tuesday calling for the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to review the 94-page investigation filed against Jefferson Monday, according to the Republican leader's office.

The Justice Department indictmented the Louisiana Democrat Monday on federal charges of racketeering, soliciting bribes and money laundering.

Boehner's resolution is intended to "jump start" a previous investigation into Jefferson's alleged misdeeds that expired last year.

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the most telling part of the indictment is found near the beginning on page three. they make reference to and even go so far as to print the oath of office. notice that nowhere at this page nor anywhere else in the indictment did they state that the oath of office is federal law. see 5 usc section 3331 the reason they didnt reference the specific statute, mention it or charge congressman jefferson with violating it is because it would make we the people think. it would also make the people wonder why all the rest of the congress, including the president and vice president, etc. isnt charged under 5 usc sec. 3331 when they violate the oath of office by including but not limited to voting for or introducing legislation that is unconstitutional or doing anything that weakens or is against the constitution.

paragraph eight is a lie when they say that congressman jefferson "owed"
the citizens of the united states and the united states house of representatives a duty to perform the responsibilities of his office free from deceit, fraud, concealment, bias, conflict of interest, self-enrichment and self-dealing.
while its true that american citizens elected congressman jefferson to office, his oath of office is to the constitution and nothing else. so dont be a sucker -- this indictment starts off with deliberate lies, how true can the rest of it be?
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