29 June 2007

hb765 includes judgments against the state

hb765, starting at page eleven "contain appropriations in the total amount of Thirty-Two Million Dollars, be it more or less..." this bill lists all the house and senate bills filed to pay court judgments against the state "if such judgments are final, and notwithstanding the provisions of R.S. 49:112..."

then it appears to go further and lists each judgment i.e...
T. The sum of Ninety-Seven Thousand Five Hundred and No/100 ($97,500.00) Dollars is hereby appropriated out of the General Fund of the state of Louisiana for Fiscal Year 2006-2007 to be used to pay the consent judgment in the suit entitled "Gheorghe Olar and Lisa Olar v. State, of Louisiana, through the Department of Transportation and Development", bearing Number 56,521 on the docket of the Eighteenth Judicial District Court, parish of Iberville, state of Louisiana.
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