17 June 2007

rapides for royal...bleh!

we see over on the rapides parish republican women's club blog they have a recent post (see link) announcing an upcoming fundraiser for louisiana state attorney general candidate royal alexander.

now for our non louisiana readers you have to understand: number 1. this is louisiana and number 2. yes this is that royal alexander. the one that was involved along with his then boss, congressman rodney alexander, in the mark foley congressional page cyber-sex scandal. also the same royal alexander who is being sued by elizabeth scott. ms. scott claims that royal alexander "engaged in a course of misconduct" that included "inappropriate sex-based comments, ogling and touching" and "sexual advances" see daily king fish diary # 56.

most normal people would be so embarrassed after being tied to not one but two back-to-back sexual misconduct scandals that they would have disappeared for a couple of years, got an honest job, kept their noses clean and then reemerged to perhaps run for a political office. however, your average louisianaian political type is not a normal individual. here in louisiana we have royal alexander running for state attorney general of all things. how narcissistic is that?

whats even worse is that this is the person that the louisiana republican party chooses to get behind and run for attorney general. if louisiana's republican party was worth a damn (which they are not) the person they would have all got behind and ran for attorney general would have been monroe attorney paul hurd.

so anyway, if you're in alexandria tomorrow (monday 18 june 2007) be sure and swing by 831 city park boulevard and see who all in rapides supports this garbage.

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