28 June 2007

hb730 state senate kills ethics reform

two louisiana senators don hines and robert adley kill ethics reform

hb730 was a bill by representative michael jackson [dist 61] that would have required legislators and candidates for the state legislature to disclose certain income. somewhere along the way [see reengrossed version page 6 at §1114.4. Financial disclosure; elected officials other than statewide elected officials and legislators] wording was added which included each elected official, such as school board, mayoral, city council, police jury candidates and so forth "the locals" as the house called them for short, would be required to file a likewise financial disclosure to the state ethics board.

this version of hb730 that included "the locals" had already passed the state house and state senate when inexplicably two state senators on a conference committee stripped off the language that included "the locals."

central la politics finishes the story which includes the video of todays house action.

click here to read more and to see the house video from central la politics blog.