02 June 2007

google buys feedburner

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we've been using feed burner for about six months or so and its a really well designed program. thanks to feedburner's excellent management of our site feed we have been linked from some really strange places like cnn.com for example. we like feedburners site statistics the best. they seem to be really accurate moreso than even stat counter which provides pretty good stats itself. the downside of feedburner's site stats is that there is no way to set them to public view like stat counter. maybe google will eventually change that.

so now feedburner has been bought out by google for a reported $100 million [74.4eur] dollars. not a bad payday.

forbes snip:
Google Inc. on Friday announced its acquisition of FeedBurner Inc., a service focused on making money from the steady stream of information flowing from blogs, podcasts and traditional news sites.
Google shares gained $2.49 to close at $500.40 Friday.

With just 30 employees, privately held FeedBurner had been subsisting on $10 million in venture capital raised since its inception four years ago. Google will allow FeedBurner to remain based in its current Chicago headquarters, but hasn't made a decision on whether the brand will be retained.

Although FeedBurner is a small company, the buzz about its service has been steadily building as it helped distribute ads through the rapidly expanding universe of bloggers, podcasters and other sites that send out headlines and links through Really Simple Syndication, or RSS.

More than 431,000 Web publishers currently belong to FeedBurner's network and the company says it delivers about 67 million feeds to its subscribers each day.
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screen grab of feedburner stats
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