20 June 2007

town talk still lying about existence of complete city council meeting video

in an article in todays paper "Roy calls for probe of City Council 'meeting'" (see link) the town talk mentions that kalb has an edited version of the city council meeting, yet they still fail to inform their readers of the existence of the full unedited version that since friday 15 june 2007 has been available online. the town talk has known about the existence of this unedited city council video for at least two days prior to publishing the article. why is the town talk refusing to give their readers the whole story?

telephone the town talk switchboard: (318) 487-6397 or 1-800-523-8391 and/or email "reporter" tom bonnette at tbonnette@thetowntalk.com or town talk online contact form and demand they tell their readers about the online existence of the complete 12 june 2007 special city council meeting which is currently banned from the public view by the alexandria city council.

perhaps more importantly call or visit the town talk's advertisers and let them know that they are advertising in a paper that is not giving complete information.

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