29 June 2007

more piyush george bush rubber-stampery

when george dubya bush sez "jump, piyush, jump."
piyush ask's "how high boss?"

although bayou buzz is mostly a republican propaganda and lie machine, occasionally they do slip up and print a little bit of truth. perhaps its an attempt to convince skeptics (like us) that they are indeed balanced in their news reporting, we dont know.

take today for instance, bayou buzz editor stephen sabludowsky posted an article here which is based on a campaign e-mail out from state senator and gubernatorial candidate walter boasso. in his email senator boasso points out an important facet of the piyush scam.

Yesterday, Boasso wrote, “Baton Rouge: In an act of political acrobatics impressive even for the first district Congressman, Bobby Jindal today followed the will of President Bush and the Republicans in Congress and voted against a bill that included his own amendment.

The bill, HR 2643 an appropriations measure for the interior, environment and related agencies passed yesterday on a vote of 272-155. Jindal's amendment, which doubled the $2.5 million for studies into the environmental "dead zone" currently threatening sea-life in the Gulf of Mexico, was accepted and added to the measure.

And yet, after President Bush declared his opposition to the bill and even after Bobby Jindal sent out a press release touting the addition to the amendment, the Congressman voted against it.

"This is just a despicable display of political weakness," State Senator Walter Boasso (D-Arabi), Democratic candidate for Governor said, "It really says it all when it comes to the Congressman's lack of sincerity and strength to stand up, speak for himself and do as he believes.

"This is just like last week when he voted against needed funds for port security, first responders and improvements to the security at our state's oil refineries and chemical plants," Boasso said. "Once again, Bobby Jindal is putting the whims of the President over the needs of our state.
bayou buzz asked for and received a response from the piyush scam and this is what trey williams, the communications director for the piyush scam said:
“There is an epidemic right now of unbridled and out of control government spending, both in Baton Rogue and Washington. No family in America can act this way, no small business in Louisiana can act this way, and government should not act this way either. Bobby and the majority of the Louisiana delegation continue to take a stand and vote against this irresponsible and reckless disregard for the hard earned money of Louisiana taxpayers. Congress can and should fund our Interior and environmental needs without wasting billions of taxpayer dollars.
do you see how the piyush scam operates? heres a bill that piyush attached an amendment to and had already sent out a press release touting, then when his lord and master george w. bush comes out against it -- the piyush scam like the bush boot licker he is threw all this out the window and voted against the bill.

in his typical fast talking bullshit fashion the piyush scam not only completely disregards the substance of senator boasso's statements oh no, piyush attempts to turn it all around and claims that the bill is "irresponsible" and "reckless"

this is what we've been talking about for ages. piyush "bobby" jindal is nothing more than a con artist, piyush is a liar and a fraud. are the voters of this state really dumb enough to fall victim to the piyush scam or will they see through it in time?
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