11 June 2007

cowboy town to become worship center

click here and view louisiana cowboy town website via the internet archive wayback machine
sad news on the town talk's website tonight (see link or here) it seems that the donahue family church is moving to the old cowboy town arena/facility.

when we went on this church's website and saw they have a link to fox news channel thats all it took to know that this is the last thing that we need around central louisiana, another super church chock full of nutty evangelicals and fake christians poisoning society with their bullshit.

this is the same crowd thats perfectly fine with all the governmental and political corruption around, they think george bush is a fine christian man lol and we bet they support the piyush scam for governor, but when the corner store wants to sell a beer, oh boy, then they come unglued.

no true christian church would be promoting fox news channel and by extension fox entertainment group, rupert murdoch and news corporation. they are promoting an organization that tells nothing but lies that it passes off as news, the fox network through their programming is destroying their kids morals and lets not forget myspace. if you ever go on myspace you will quickly discover that its a website directed to young people and that myspace is full of nothing but porn and prostitutes.

so this church is promoting the destruction of their own morals. why would anyone attend a church like that? we wonder if their preacher is a closet meth addict and homo too?
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