05 June 2007

nutty mary matalin's scooter libby love letter

the smoking gun has posted copies of the letters various republicans wrote to judge reggie b. walton to consider when the judge was deciding the appropriate sentence for lewis "scooter" libby. one letter that caught our eye is from republican party apparatchik mary matalin who must have been off her meds or on some really good ones, the day she composed this ditty.

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ms. matalin writes: "watching my children with scooter, and all children with him, you'd think he hung the moon. he is gentle and caring. he is genuinely interested in others well being and still inspires me to this day. he is a compelling teacher and extraordinary role model for integrity and humility."

hmmm okay.

it seems like ms. matalin has totally forgotten about (or choose to gloss over) mr. libby's homoerotic/bestiality/incest book called "the apprentice."

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one reviewer "chris" over on amazon.com had this to say:
By chris (USA)
I couldn't even get through this whole book, it was just... so... bad...Really it was just Lewis Libby writing his own masturbation material, no joke. I stopped reading when he talked, among other things, about bears having sex with ten year old girls. Beyond being constantly creepy, it's just really poorly written and completely pointless. Don't waste your time, money, etc.
is scooter libby really the kind of person that you want influencing your kids?

do you understand yet the sorts of imbeciles, hypocrites, liars, freaks and creeps that make up the republican party leadership?
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