07 June 2007

shameless cabrini hospital plays at racism in bid to steal youth complex from alexandrians

we see from the announcement on the town talk website (see link) that st. francis cabrini hospital: "officials are hosting an open forum at 6 p.m. today at the Broadway Resource Center on Broadway Avenue, where the public is encouraged to express their views." broadway avenue and the broadway resource center is in a black neighborhood.

this shows you just how sorry and just how low the st. francis cabrini hospital administration is and will go, to have their way in what amounts to a raping of the city of alexandria out of its youth baseball complex in order for cabrini to build whatever they want to bring into their coffers even more revenue.

cabrini's strategy appears to be to drive a racial wedge between alexandria's black and white communities. the ol' divide and conquer routine.

black people and whites too dont fall for this cabrini bullshit. you're being scammed. the youth complex is an important component in establishing race relations because it is a place where kids of all racial and ethnic persuasions and backgrounds can come together in the spirit of friendly competition and learn about one another and become friends. its a gathering place. think about it.

cabrini does not give one damn about alexandrians' they are only in it for the money.

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