01 June 2007

word to brad drell

we noticed that local attorney and blogger, brad drell arrived on our blog today from googling "wylie cavin" for what reason we dont have a clue but you can bet its not good. anyway, as a result of mr. drell's good googling ability and because mr. cavin is listed there, mr. drell dropped in at our post "piyush "bobby" jindal campaign contributors."

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this isnt mr. drell's first time to visit or comment on wst... oh no, and you see he thinks he knows who we are because mr. drell, the law firm he was with at the time (walker, passman & michiels) and the firm he's with now, his daddy-o's gold firm together with his present boss charlie weems and the gold firms former united states district judge f.a. little, jr., (who we noticed has went on to bigger and better things like being the tribal judge for and shaking down the coushatta indian nation -- interesting side note about that here and here for anyone who knows whats going on) and former gold firm lawyer j. ogden middleton ii (you know the one thats in all that trouble for defrauding a bunch of defenseless women going through divorces, yeah him) and aaron siebeneicher provided some legal and judicial services to some local crooks one being larry wayne prestridge who owns aca corporation at alexandria and the others one being an old crook and professional con artist named jack hodnett, the other fraudster is one nola j. mcfalls. you see we alluded to all this in a post from last summer called "robbing the bank twice: the prestridge crime family." so since brad drell, the gold firm, walker, passman & michiels, aaron siebeneicher and judge little did such a good job of covering it all up, mr. drell genius that he is, thinks that the only people that are aware of his (and their) fraudulent past could only be one of their victims or someone involved. actually, years later the fraud is still ongoing. so mr. drell happens by from time to time to leave a comment to try and intimidate us and to let us know that he (they) are watching us, etc.

so whats all this got to do with anything? well if you look over there in the comments sidebar (at the time of this writing and if its not there now, its in the comment thread of this post) theres a comment by "jindal supporter" this comment was left by brad drell, esq. using a gold firm computer.

now this is what a genius mr. drell is ~ he leaves a snide comment then places the hyperlink to his website in it LOL and uses a fake email address although its really a telling freudian slip on mr. drell's part cos if anyone knows about sin -- its him. oh now, we noticed that mr. drell likes to write on his blog a load of horseshit about how religious his daddy-o the federal judge is and how they had a big prayer service at his installation and the holy ghost was there and all that. lol that wasnt the holy ghost that was the devil. you didnt actually think that the holy ghost is going to be in a federal courthouse in this day and age did ya? like we said this is all just a load of horse shit and a marketing ploy. larry wayne prestridge is one of the biggest crooks around and his cover is being a deacon of the philadelphia baptist church.

thats another thing, we've been saying for ages that the only people that support piyush "bobby" jindal for governor are a bunch of crooks and mr. drell and all those that we named here are that. actually they are an organized crime ring. think about it. the gold law firm has controlled the federal bench here in alexandria since at least 12 october 1984. at one time before they rearranged the sec'y of state's corporate database it listed the incorporators of the gold weems law firm as c.s. weems iii and f.a. little, jr.

bradley drell's daddy-o and george dubya bush appointee (which that in itself should tell you everything you need to know) the federal judge dee drell also came from the gold weems law firm. this means that over twenty-five years this cadre of lawyers knows about everyone thats under federal investigation and they can kill these investigations (provided of course the target are their clients) just by refusing to sign search warrants or arrest warrants or by the easiest and preferred method: tipping off whomever is under investigation.

if one of their clients business competitors is getting a little too uppity, they can club them down by calling in the irs, osha, fbi, epa, eeoc or any other practically endless puddle of alphabet soup agencies; at their disposal, within the federal government.

the whole lot of them ought to be locked up. the last thing honest citizens need is for this crew to be elevated to federal judges or lauded as some kind of prestigious top drawer lawyers and law firm(s) their not!

anyhooo, if you want to find out who "they" think "we" are, then the next time you see brad drell, charlie weems, j ogden middleton ii, f.a. little, jr., aaron siebeneicher, larry wayne prestridge, jack hodnett or nola mcfalls then ask them. first though qualify your question by inquiring how they can sleep at night, these past thirteen or so years, knowing that they swindled and help to swindle an old man out of his life's savings and are continuing the swindle against his widow.