21 June 2007

royal alexander comment scammers at it again

we dont mind people trying to run scams in blog comment sections. its usually good for a laugh...like when some royal alexander supporters, that we posted about here. (or, as we've seen here with local attorney, blogger and wst... troll brad drell) tried to run a comment scam over on a royal alexander kalb video blog post. however, when a royal alexander campaigner (read asshat) who calls himself "bayou ranger" tried to run a comment scam over here on wst... and in this comment claimed to be a soldier in iraq that really pissed us off.

click picture to enlarge


as you can see "bayou ranger" "ben bondoc" and "stephanie rinnell" also stephanie rinnell here and here their comments all originated from the same computer located in or near baton rouge, louisiana.

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