26 June 2008

city of alexandria, la. to award big money 'consultant' contract to sb672 legislative pay raise fraud bill scammer sen. eric lafleur

district 28 state senator eric lafleur
self-serving, career politician
sb672 legislative pay raise fraud bill scammer

on 12 june 2008, the gannett/town talk repeater karina donica reported
Last week, the City Council gave preliminary approval to hire three consultants to counsel the city on a $40 million bond issuance that will initiate the Special Planned Activity Redevelopment Corridors, or SPARC, plan. The bond amount is part of the $96 million overall price tag for SPARC.
To make the plan work, the city "may require expert help, and admittedly, the city is not the best model to run the program we have created in the most efficient manner. Simply put, our 'baby' is too big and has very extraordinary needs," Mayor Jacques Roy wrote in recent correspondence to members of the council.
The cost of fees for professional services for most of the consultant work under SPARC is not clear thus far. In response to a public records request regarding compensation, City Attorney Charles "Chuck" Johnson said no contract or agreements with the bonding consultants have been finalized at this time and that the information would be released when available.
according to ms. donica, one of the consultants is:
State Sen. Eric LaFleur, D-Ville Plate, owner of Mahtook & LaFleur. Prior to winning a Senate seat last November, LaFleur was a representative for House District 28 since 1999. A contributor to Roy's mayoral campaign, Roy had said LaFleur's "significant" contribution was made with no expectation of future work. According to the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office, LaFleur owns or is part owner of United Paradise Corp., a nonprofit organization, Ville Platte Clinic Pharmacy, Bravo Therapy Services, Lincoln Road Benevolent Corp. and LaFleur & Labruyere Title Co. (also known as Mahtook & LaFleur) located in Lafayette. LaFleur will be co-bond counsel for the $15 million issue.
senator lafleur voted not once but twice for sb672 the legislative pay raise fraud bill. this senate roll call vote is when sb672 passed the senate the first time in its original form and was meant to, amongst other things, increase a leges salary from $16,800 per year to $70,000 per year. ~ link

this is the second time senator lafleur voted for sb672 when the senate concurred with speaker jim tucker's house amendment which increased the leges annual salary from $16,800 to $37,500. ~ link

how convenient that central la. representative (and another sb672 yea voter) herbert dixon got his hr101 passed and filed to the sec'y of state:
"To urge and request the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs to study economic development in Alexandria, looking in particular at the further refinement and execution of the mayor's SPARC plan..."
yep, looks like another smoke-filled back room case of good ol boy, self-serving career politicians and professional pig-troughers making their living from off the taxpayers back.