29 June 2008

hb887 rethug slug-fest in senate judiciary "a"

on tuesday 03 june 2008 the louisiana state senate committee on the judiciary "a" convened at the state capital in the john j. hainkel room. this is one of the more interesting and informative "incidents" of the just concluded 2008 louisiana regular legislative session.

rep. john labruzzo (an sb672 yea voter and now recanter) told the committee that what his bill does is that "if you are an illegal alien in the state of louisiana, it would prohibit you from suing for malpractice except for future medical and as amended except for if you are a minor and those are the two exceptions."

hb887 was strenuously opposed by the catholic church and zionist puppet groups and rabble rousers like oxfam, the congress of day laborers and others.

a group of student activists apparently from tulane fills the audience and at the appropriate times, as if on cue, practically laugh rep. labruzzo out of the committee meeting.

whether or not you support the provisions called for in rep. labruzzo's hb887 isnt important at least as far as this post is concerned. our attitude is that each and every bill killed by the state legislature is ultimately for the good. whats important is how this committee meeting shows how our state legislature really works.

dont be fooled by the committee chairwoman, senator julie quinn and her pandering and political posturing, attempting to cast herself as a valkyrie-esq guardian of the united states and state constitution because thats all it is - posturing and pandering.

senator quinn is herself a rino and a person of dubious morals and ethics. we are aware of at least one bill senator quinn had no problem whatsoever voting for and which subsequently was struck down as unconstitutional (after needlessly costing the state taxpayers hundreds of thousands if not millions to litigate) prompting the judge - u.s. federal district court judge and alexandria, la. native judge james brady to famously write that he was 'dumbfounded' by the legislature passing the bill in the first place.

the portions of this incident that reveals how the state legislature really works and how in this case sleazy, self-serving, politically ambitious louisiana politicans like rep. labruzzo, file bills not for the public good, which if they were decent, respectable legislators they would explain to their constituents how a bill such as hb887 is unconstitutional -- instead they seek out their constituents fears and prejudices in order to exploit them for their own political gain is revealed, perhaps inadvertently, by senator quinn when she confronts representative labruzzo recounting how he came to her after the last election to tell her that "this issue polled number one in now congressman scalise's district." to which rep. labruzzo replied "it's true."

toward the end of the vid, senator quinn states that she thinks that rep. labruzzo brought the bill for "political reasons" (duh) referencing an alleged incident at ruth chris's steak house in which rep. labruzzo was laughing about the five representatives in the state house who voted against the bill and how rep. labruzzo and others were bragging about how they would be able to "use this [their nay vote] against them in the next campaign." a charge to which rep. labruzzo denied.

at the end of the video state senator bob kostelka - the piyush puppet politician (and twice proud sb672 yea voter/supporter) who was the key person in destroying the state ethics code and ethics board (see also forgotston: autopsy of the death of ethics) shows us all just what a lousy mind that cant think properly that he has. senator kostelka's comments should also serve to show why piyush "bobby" jindal and his administration chose sen. kostelka to be their useful idiot and puppet.

hb887 house final passage vote

we dont know who the five representatives referenced by senator quinn in the video are - but we see out of the central louisiana delegation only rep. herbert dixon had the intestinal fortitude to vote against the bill. sadly, but not unsurprisingly, representatives billy chandler, chris hazel and chris roy, jr. violated their oath of office by choosing to play the political pandering game by voting for unconstitutional legislation.
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