11 June 2008

picture of louisiana state senator ann duplessis mercedes benz

UPDATE: from the sunday 06 july 2008 baton rouge morning advocate:

Duplessis: Photos of her car misleading

State Sen. Ann Duplessis said the legislative pay raise issue was skewed by those who do not believe elected officials are credible.

As an example, she pointed to the photo of her Mercedes that popped up on the Internet before the governor vetoed the pay raise.

Duplessis, D-New Orleans, said the car is part of her compensation package as a banker.

“It’s a 10-year-old, broken down vehicle,” she said. ~ source
UPDATE: picture of house speaker pro-tempore karen carter peterson's jaguar xj8

heres a photograph (courtesy of brian mcnabb and the louisiana action council) of louisiana state senator ann duplessis' car. the license plate reads "senate district 2" senator duplessis is the author of sb672 the bill which will give louisiana legislators a 300% ++ pay raise.

considering that senator duplessis represents the impoverished lower ninth ward of new orleans and seeing that the value of her ride is worth more money than many of her constituents will see in five or ten years or more, senator duplessis seems to be doing quite well for herself on the current legislative salary or maybe shes a coupon clipper or something. or maybe, someone needs to investigate her and find out where she got the money to be tooling around in a mercedes benz.