17 June 2008

lege watch

we've seen this new blog -- legewatch.com -- referenced in a few comment threads today and thought we would check it out. looks like they are off to a great start and lege watch could be another great resource provided that the bloggers there can maintain their outrage level.

about lege watch:
LegeWatch is a site to help grassroots organization of Louisiana voters to regain control of our Legislature. The recent pay raise is a complete disgrace, and Governor Jindal should veto it.

For the legislators who voted for the pay raise, we will recall those we can, and monitor the rest so closely they cannot benefit from the office. If nothing else we will provide any candidate who opposes them plenty of opposition research and volunteers. We need public servants, not a ruling class who arbitrarily takes from us without even the courtesy of a discussion, much less a vote. It’s time to end the free ride in Baton Rouge.

While most of the people who have registered have strong political opinions on a variety of issues, the purpose of this site is strictly to monitor Louisiana politics and keep our legislators accountable - for a change!