19 June 2008

newsmax.com reports about wst... 'ron paul: nancy pelosi pulled iran bill on orders of israel' vid clip

on 07 june 2008 we were watching c-span television and they were televising a speech to the future of freedom foundation by congressman ron paul. within the speech congressman paul recounts how speaker of the house nancy pelosi, acting under orders of israel and aipac, pulled a section of a bill which would have required congressional approval before the president could go to war with iran.

the next day we went to the c-span website and recorded the :58 seconds clip of that portion of congressman paul's speech and posted it to youtube. you can watch congressman paul's entire speech on c-spanarchives.org here.

within a few hours michael rivero somehow picked up the youtube clip and posted a link to it from his high traffic website www.whatreallyhappened.com

since then and thanks to mr. rivero, this short clip has been viewed 26,390 times, embedded in many, many blogs and websites and has earned several youtube video honors.

today, we learned that newsmax.com without mentioning this video or the existence of it, (which is fine) but quoting directly from it, has posted a news story about the content of the video (see link).

anyway, the point of this post isnt to blow our own horn so to speak or draw attention to ourselves but to show how it's possible even with an old obsolete computer to make a difference in the world -- so if you're thinking about blogging then please do so. you dont have to post about politics. post about whatever you like. you never know what might happen...